Marina di Camerota



Marina di Camerota, with its untouched beauty, offers an unforgettable sight. The caves, the beautiful ravines, its ever-blooming and luxuriant vegetation, the enchanting beaches with fine white sand and its crystal clear sea, create an alluring atmosphere. The Saracen towers stand proud on the promontory that embraces the town and still seem they want to protect it. The little town is a mixture of colors and shades that satisfy the mind, in its little alleys it is possible to see scenes typical of a very close community and you still have the good chance to hear the dialects and the slang that characterize the inhabitants. All this characteristics and every detail that each guest will discover during the stay makes Marina di Camerota the “Pearl of Cilento”.


Some Advice

The sea is guarded by majestic and historic cliffs where surprising caves open their entrance. These caves have seen settlements starting from the Stone Age. Walking from the seafront of the village, you will find the Grotta della Cala, and the Grotta del Poggio and, on the beach of Lentiscelle, the Grotta della Serratura; the Grotta del Noglio, evoking a skull, which can only be reached by boat, has produced artefacts dating back to the Bronze Age.

On the quay of the port is located The Muvip, Virtual Museum of Palaeolithic, a training and information structure for tourists:the use of modern technologies allowed to recreate the environment of caves frequented by the man of Neanderthals.

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